[rtmpdump] r189 - in trunk: rtmp.c rtmp.h rtmpdump.c rtmpsuck.c streams.c

Howard Chu hyc at highlandsun.com
Wed Jan 6 07:27:25 CET 2010

Howard Chu wrote:
>>> I'm thinking of defining a new --auth option which takes a prefix defining the
>>> type, followed by a value, which can be specified multiple times.
>>> E.g. --auth B:1 --auth S:"some string value" --auth N:1234.567
>>> (B for boolean, S for string, N for number)
>>> All the evidence indicates that we need to be able to specify an arbitrary
>>> number of auth parameters, of arbitrary type, instead of the two items we
>>> currently have hardcoded. (And yes, we already have an --auth option right
>>> now, my point is that we need to change its behavior.)

It's worse than that; the entire thing is free form. I just ran into a site
today that used a bunch of additional parameters here, all wrapped in its own
AMF0 object. So to have any chance of supporting this from the command line,
we need to be able to pass structured data in. That implies something like
reading the raw data from a separate file, or encoding the data in a
command-line-friendly human-readable format. Like XML. (blech!!!!)

>> ugh. now i'm trying to think how other rtmp implementations (ffmpeg)
>> will handle this. ffmpeg developer had this to say about rtmp:
>> "if we ignore it, maybe it will just go away".

Yeah, that would be nice...

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