[rtmpdump] r124 - trunk/README

Howard Chu hyc at highlandsun.com
Sat Jan 2 05:09:03 CET 2010

double wrote:
> Howard Chu schrieb:
>> I've been thinking about just connecting to the socket directly;
>> libcurl seems to be pretty huge and mostly pointless for this job. The
>> only other consideration is https sessions, which would take a little
>> more.
>>   -- hyc
> My big hope is, that sooner or later rtmpdump will be part
> of mplayer and ffmpeg. Could this be an impediment?

Hmm. You realize of course that ffmpeg already has their own independent 
implementation of rtmp underway? So far I haven't seen anyone else from that 
group express any interest in using this code. Personally, I'd prefer people 
avoid pointless duplication of effort, but whatever...

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