[rtmpdump] Handshake fails when "_DEBUG" defined

Skaarj NaPali skaarj1 at gmail.com
Sat Jan 2 00:25:10 CET 2010


The problem with the client signature is not related to RTMPT
protocol, it was just a quick example URL which I picked. The problem
can get reproduced also with RTMP protocol - the point is to use a
connection without encryption and without FP9 handshake.

So, the initial post could have had this URL:


That's the same URL from the first post, but without RTMPT and without
port 80. For this particular server it does not matter whether using
RTMPT on port 80 or RTMP on port 1935. The server is using RTMP on
both ports.

Anyway, just wanted to report this problem, so others don't run into it.


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