[rtmpdump] rtmpsuck Segmentation Fault

Howard Chu hyc at highlandsun.com
Mon Feb 15 22:57:18 CET 2010

Francisco Legaspi wrote:
> Hello,
> I have been trying to use rtmpsuck to capture the Flash video from this Web site:
> http://fod.fujitv.co.jp/FOD/index.asp
> It's a region-locked Web site, but it can be accessed by changing your Web browser's
> user agent to Googlebot. Also, when rtmpsuck is running, it takes a while for
> the video to start playing, so give it some time.
> I have gotten rtmpsuck working to the point where it actually writes an output file,
> but one of two things always happens:
> 1. The video stops playing after a few seconds.
> 2. The video plays until the end, but rtmpsuck ends with a segmentation fault.
> In both cases, only a fraction of a second of video (around 128 KB of data) gets
> written to the file.

If you get a segfault, you should get a core file and get a gdb stack trace 
from the core file. Without a stack trace we have nothing to analyze and no 
way to help you. Also, make sure you compiled with full debug (-g) and no 
optimization, otherwise the trace will be unreliable.

I was able to connect once, and saw the same as you did - only 128KB saved - 
but I haven't been able to get anything at all since then. So I have no way to 
track down any of that behavior...

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