[rtmpdump] [PATCH]

Antti Ajanki antti.ajanki at iki.fi
Thu Feb 11 19:39:20 CET 2010

Howard Chu wrote:
> Antti Ajanki wrote:
>> This patch exposes some functions that rtmpdump-yle uses. Making these
>> public increases the usability of rtmpdump as a library.
>> The following functions and constants are exposed: SendCreateStream(),
>> SendServerBW(), AV_erase() and RTMP_PACKET_SIZE_*.
>> Would it make sense to expose all Send*() functions? Currently some are
>> public and some private.
> By the way, when are you using AV_erase ? For consistency's sake, we 
> should give it some RTMP* prefix...

I'm reimplementing HandleInvoke() for connect message and need to remove 
the method name from m_methodCalls stack.

I'm reimplementing it because I want to mimic the YLE Flash player as 
closely as possible. The YLE player doesn't send createstream in 
response to connect message, but only after receiving bunch of other 

This is not a very important issue. I can maintain a diff if you think 
that it is not worth exposing these function just for rtmpdump-yle.


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