[rtmpdump] Seek in rtmpgw

Peter Vicman peter.vicman at uni-mb.si
Tue Dec 7 09:40:47 CET 2010

Hi all,
I already make one post to stream-recorder.com forum but I decided to 
post on mailing list too.

I'm working on a code for rtmpgw program to add seek-ing support on a 
current rtmp stream. I'm using function call RTMP_SendSeek() but it 
doesn't work as expected. The VLC client just disconnects when it's 
buffer become empty. But I noticed that if I drop few received packets 
got with RTMP_Read() from server after I call Seek, the VLC plays fine 
at the requested position and stream continues.
So the question is: what I'm doing wrong? What is the correct way of 
using RTMP_SendSeek?

Strange thing is that function call RTMP_Pause() for pausing using in 
the same way works as expected.

Thanks for any useful info.

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