[rtmpdump] [PATCH] HTTP Proxy Support

Daniel Burr dburr at topcon.com
Mon Aug 16 10:11:31 CEST 2010

On 16/08/10 12:22, Howard Chu wrote:
>> The remainder of the changes in the patch are to:
>> 1.  Add a new command line argument (--http) to rtmpdump and rtmpgw to
>> allow the HTTP proxy to be specified.
>> 2.  Add a new struct (RTMPSockInfo) which is used to store target
>> server, SOCKS proxy and HTTP proxy information so that they can be
>> easily treated in a generic fashion.
> Thanks, I've been thinking we need this functionality for a while. But, for
> compatibility with other apps like wget and curl, you should have just used
> getenv("http_proxy") for the proxy server info in librtmp. I guess adding an
> option for rtmpdump may be useful, but at this point rtmpdump's importance is
> greatly diminished now that ffmpeg and curl support librtmp.

Hello again,

Here is a modified version of my patch which uses the http_proxy 
environment variable instead of command line arguments to specify the 
HTTP proxy.  This patch also includes extra checking for the HTTP 
response code in HTTP_read().  This checking is required to prevent an 
infinite loop when it has a value not equal to 200.

An example of the conditions which can lead to this is as follows:
1. An RTMPT connection is established via HTTP proxy, handshaking occurs 
successfully, data begins to be written to disk correctly
2. A call to ReadN() is made, RTMP_FEATURE_HTTP is set, so it loops 
3. At first sb_size is less than 144, so data is read by RTMPSockBuf_Fill()
4. The data read from the server is not the expected "200 OK" response 
to the previously sent RTMPT_SEND request but is some other code (e.g. 
due to exceeding a bandwidth limit)
5. HTTP_read() is called and returns -1 immediately because the 
substring "HTTP/1.1 200" does not match (therefore m_resplen is not updated)
6. Control returns to the top of the while(!r->m_resplen) loop which 
still evaluates as true
7. sb_size is now greater than 144 so no more data is attempted to be read
8. Go to (5)

The approach I took was to make HTTP_read() return a special value to 
indicate that the wrong response code was found which can be used to 
break out of the loop in this case.


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