[rtmpdump] recording justin.tv live stream

Howard Chu hyc at highlandsun.com
Sun Aug 15 20:52:55 CEST 2010

Arthur Murray wrote:
> I have looked through the archives for a working example but I haven't found one.
> I can record a live stream from justin.tv <http://justin.tv> by using
> rtmpsuck, but not with rtmpdump by itself.  ("NetStream.Play.Failed").
> The rtmpsrv outputs this:
> ./rtmpdump -r "rtmp:// <>" -a "app" -f
> "WIN 10,1,53,64" -W
> "http://www-cdn.justin.tv/widgets/live_embed_player.rdf7cc3fgf20cd0d6c9e7e943436a85af16038a1f.swf?referer=http://www.justin.tv/widgets/live_embed_player.swf&userAgent=Mozilla/4.0%20(compatible;%20MSIE%208.0;%20Windows%20NT%205.1
> <http://www-cdn.justin.tv/widgets/live_embed_player.rdf7cc3fgf20cd0d6c9e7e943436a85af16038a1f.swf?referer=http://www.justin.tv/widgets/live_embed_player.swf&userAgent=Mozilla/4.0%20(compatible;%20MSIE%208.0;%20Windows%20NT%205.1>)"
> -p "http://www.wowservers.net/2010/08/watch-abs-cbn-online-stream.html" -y
> "jtv_ii0A6ZPeSB2gIFFF" -v -o jtv_ii0A6ZPeSB2gIFFF.flv
> But it doesn't work.
> Is the problem related to the "NetStream.Authenticate.UsherToken" ?  or the
> FCSubscribe stuff?  Is there a way to get it to work (example please)?

The problem is the UsherToken, rtmpdump has no code to support that.

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