[rtmpdump] [patch] Infinite loop on timeout

Antti Ajanki antti.ajanki at iki.fi
Wed Aug 4 20:42:48 CEST 2010


I noticed that the Download() function can end up in an infinite loop if 
a timeout occurs because the loop does not check for 
RTMP_IsTimedout(rtmp) condition.

Futhermore, to make the autoresume (the pause/unpause trick) work after 
a timeout RTMP_ToggleStream() should reset r->m_read.status to 0. 
Read_1_Packet() sets it to RTMP_READ_EOF on timeout. If it is not reset 
all the following read operations (in particular, receiving the response 
to the pause request) fail because RTMP_Read() returns without reading 
anything when the status is non-zero.

The attached patch addresses both of these problems.


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