[rtmpdump] how to rip the rtmpe stream from mytv.tvb.com?

ol kk noob2001204 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 3 15:57:46 CET 2009

rmc doesnt work,but i have saved the details file

XFERD mp4:/3/185/000000018493.mp4? connect ?       app vi flashVer
WIN 10,0,22,87 swfUrl Uhttp://
e1b.vdo.vip.hk1.tvb.com/vi fpad  capabilities @.       audioCodecs
@¨î      videoCodecs @o€
videoFunction ?       pageUrl =
mp4:/3/185/000000018493.mp4 1259851212265934

i have tried all the possible commands,but still failed
i need help,thanks

that's the page if you are interested
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