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Mon Mar 3 18:03:26 CET 2008

Author: michael
Date: Mon Mar  3 18:03:25 2008
New Revision: 654

A few words on how the keyframes could be aligned.


Modified: docs/nut.txt
--- docs/nut.txt	(original)
+++ docs/nut.txt	Mon Mar  3 18:03:25 2008
@@ -1045,7 +1045,13 @@ shortest back ptrs:   <-----------------
 In the bad example a player would have to demux and decode half of the video
 between the 2 keyrames to start correct playback if it favors the shortest
-back pointer.
+back pointer. A player could of course also choose to ignore subtitles and
+thus not display them between the video keyframe and subtitle frame. This
+would avoid the decoding but not neccessarily demuxing and of course would
+lead to incorrect display (no subtitles). An encoding application SHOULD thus
+try to reasonably align keyframes in time. This could be achieved by repeating
+subtitle packets at video keyframes (with appropriately adjusted start/end
+times in the subtitle packets if needed).
 The above considerations are not specific to NUT.

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