[NUT-devel] Not to be mistaken ...

Jörg Hartmann jhartmann at aquilacoop.de
Mon Sep 18 16:42:42 CEST 2006

I did not say that mpeg-ts would be great or that there was no need for a 
better transport stream. I only said that you guys should take the protocol 
part of is seriously into consideration -- already when designing the 
container that shall later on be extended (well, yes -- that's what you'll 
come to do) for true live streaming. Because there simple is no protocol 
that can efficiently translate a container into a good live stream. And 
there will never be, unless both are designed together or as one. You have 
two choices: Create two (compatible) NUT variants (one container and one 
true transport stream, where the latter should be easily translatable into 
the container-only variant) or create a pair container and protocol 
(designed from the ground to add up to an efficient transport stream).

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