[NUT-devel] codec id nonsense, please end it

Alex Beregszaszi alex at fsn.hu
Wed Jun 21 00:05:26 CEST 2006


> > What about mp2a / mp3a? So mp2v could exist (and not mpg2). Otoh aaca
> > would look crazy :)
> The idea was to use existing sane names when they exist to avoid
> pointlessly enlarging tables. Also mp2a and mp3a are NOT analogous to
> mp4v. mp2 does not mean mpeg-2 audio. It means mpeg-1 audio, layer 2.
> Similarly for mp3.

What about mpl1, mpl2 and mpl3 then? :) Also how would you store MPEG2? mpg2? mp2v?

mp4v are ES or PR packets?

> > Also I would restrict the available character set from your proposed
> > ascii-printable to alphanumeric+space, everything else is making it more
> > complicated. The dash (-) is the only symbol I could be convienced if
> > too much ppl cry.
> Plus is also useful, e.g. 263+, mp3+, etc. crap. :)

My proposal character set:
 * english alphabet - lower case only!
 * numbers 0-9
 * space
 * minus sign / dash
 * plus sign

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