[NUT-devel] Freeze NUT

Oded Shimon ods15 at ods15.dyndns.org
Thu Jun 1 14:34:59 CEST 2006

On Thu, Jun 01, 2006 at 01:13:09PM +0200, Ivo wrote:
> On Thursday 01 June 2006 12:07, Oded Shimon wrote:
> > Nag no. 2. Be warned, when SVN comes up I'll commit both these patches.
> > (unless someone complains now..)
> I re-read the previous discussion on fourcc's and I don't want to restart it 
> or anything if the main nut devs agree on sticking to four bytes, but what 
> is the reason for not using a wider field? I agree that all sorts of 
> implementation specific names should be avoided, but I always found 
> fourcc's rather limited. Examples are 'drac' and 'vrbs' where 'dirac' and 
> 'vorbis' are a lot clearer.

I actually considered it after sending this mail, I think the only 
advantage of 4-char fourcc is saying explictly in the spec all fourcc must 
be 4 bytes (even ommit the 'length' field for it). If we decide we don't 
want that, then IMO you are right and we should use more sane/readable 
names like 'vorbis' and 'dirac'. (But not stuff like "ISO/ITU 14496-3" 
which is even less readable)

> Plus:
> +4,"mp2 "	MP3
> +4,"mp3 "	MP2
> :-)
> Also:
> +    identification for the codec, must comply to fourcc.txt
> I would write "MUST comply" to emphasize that non-complying strings should 
> be rejected by the muxer.

Both fixed in local patch.

- ods15

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