[MPlayer-users] When I play some avi files with a locally compiled mplayer, it uses mpg123 to decode the audio, and it decodes it incorrectly.

stan kasp at vfemail.net
Sat Mar 26 18:40:07 EET 2022

On Sat, 26 Mar 2022 08:42:03 -0700
stan <kasp at vfemail.net> wrote:

> Possible, as the mpg123 package was updated on Feb 18, 2022, which
> would be in the right time frame.

The package mpg123 was upgraded from 1.26.5 to 1.29.3, and they are 
not api compatible.  I built the earlier package, and tried to run it
with mplayer compiled for 1.29.3 and mplayer crashed with a mpg123
library call not found.

> Yeah, given the options you recommended didn't work, I'll probably
> just stop configuring the use of mpg123.  But first, I'll try
> downloading the src.rpm for the mpg123 package, and building it
> locally, to see if it works when compiled on the local system.

Building mpg123 1.29.3 locally didn't work, and the mpg123 package is
required by some other packages that are pretty fundamental, so it
doesn't seem worthwhile to pursue downgrading it to 1.26.5 because it
might be going down the rabbit hole.

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