[MPlayer-users] Latest mplayer from subversion fails to compile

stan kasp at vfemail.net
Fri Mar 25 22:01:00 EET 2022

The latest mplayer from subversion,

$ svn update
Updating '.':
At revision 38360.

is not compiling with the
following error.
av_helpers.c: In function 'mp_msp_av_log_callback':
av_helpers.c:54:32: error: 'const struct AVCodec' has no member named
'decode' 54 |                     if(s->codec->decode)
      |                                ^~
av_helpers.c:57:32: error: 'const struct AVCodec' has no member named
'decode' 57 |                     if(s->codec->decode)

I am updating ffmpeg with each configure.  This error has been present
for a few days now.

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