[MPlayer-users] two sound files at the same time - problem with crontab (mplayer involved)

Christian abelschreck3 at freenet.de
Sun May 16 17:12:38 EEST 2021

> Sorry, I can't explain it in detail because I don't have time to
> investigate. So I will try to give some more vague interpretation.
> Maybe others know better and will give more concrete advice.
> You can't easily just share one sound hardware with many users. So
> there is software on top that allows you to do this. E.g pulse audio
> is one such solution.
> >From the output I infer, that when all the processes use pulse audio
> for output it works for you. When your mplayer is started by cron,
> it can't connect to pulse audio for some reason. Then it tries to use
> alsa which fails because it can't get the audio device for itself.
> [...]
>    Alexander

Hi Alexander,

thanks a lot for your reply.

You certainly know much more than I do about that matter.
Thanks to your  explanation referring to the pulse/alsa dilemma I have 
something to start with.
I´ll investigate further.

Thanks again for your help.
Keep safe.
Many greetings from Rosika 😁

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