[MPlayer-users] Finding One's Place in a File

Martin McCormick martin.m at suddenlink.net
Sun May 2 01:10:35 EEST 2021

One of the types of files I play with mplayer is the raw audio
type which is communications quality audio recorded at 8 KHZ.
When playing the audio with mplayer -quiet, I can skip forward
and, if I skip enough such as 2 or 3 minutes worth, mplayer tells
me X% such as 20% or however far I am in the file now.  Is there
any key that will call that calculation without moving backward
or forward?

	Another nice thing to be able to do is to have some value
representing the number of samples read to resume playback if the
playback is interrupted and one wants to resume at the same spot

	I don't know how long I have been using mplayer but it's
been decades and I truly like it.  It's my go-to player in Linux
for playing internet radio as well as just about any other
entertainment sound file.  Thanks.

Martin McCormick

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