[MPlayer-users] Error on GNUTLS when compiling MPlayer

Stephane Ascoet stephaneascoet at free.fr
Mon Mar 8 23:44:13 EET 2021

Reimar Döffinger <Reimar.Doeffinger at gmx.de>:
> You could add a couple of “echo” commands to the different ifs
> in the gnutls section of configure to find out which of
> the tests fail, but it all seems very weird/suspicious.

Hi, following your advices and ideas, I managed to solve this problem :-) 
*Explanation*: I've installed pkg-config to make the tests you were telling me 
to make, and a while after that, I tested again "./configure+make" for the 
twelveth time and saw big changes! When the tool wasn't there, there was a "no" 
next to "checking for pkg-config", and, instead of explaining that it was a 
fatal error and why, configuration script tries to detect GnuTLS libs just 
after that... but without pkg-config it can't occur since the test needs 
it("different ifs in the gnutls section" as you wrote)! And, here again, 
instead of showing something relevant, there's only this "no" and nothing in 
the log! I noticed another minor change: now there's "p11-kit1" in the wall 
parameters displayed hundreds of times during compilation.

> No good explanation either, QTRLE should always be enabled.
> Well, one. That decoder was added end of 2020, so if you did not
> do a full “make distclean && ./configure” since the last FFmpeg
> update you might just have a mixed up configuration.
I don't understand very well. Could disabling it be a way to go through this 
problem? Could it be done with "--disable-decoder=DECODER" and if so, what 
exactly should I write instead of "DECODER"? "QTRLE"?

Sincerely, Stephane Ascoet

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