[MPlayer-users] Controlling screen size of WEBM and MKV files

Masaru Nomiya nomiya at galaxy.dti.ne.jp
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  Subject    : [MPlayer-users] Controlling screen size of WEBM and MKV files
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"arthurpeabody" <arthurpeabody at rickstewart.com> has written:

> I watch SNL by downloading the videos from the Tube of You.  They
> used to all be MP4s, but now some are MKVs (Matroska data) and WEBMs
> (whatever that is).  The files are all larger than my screen size.
> I can resize the MP4s but not the MKVs and WEBMs: they come up with
> all the borders off screen.  No keystroke I have tried resizes them.
> I haven't found an argument that sets the geometry (as has Firefox
> and Acrobat) at startup.

> Have I missed them?  Is there a way to make these files fit to the
> screen?

1. What is your OS?
2. Which MPlayer's file have you installed?
3. What is the MPlayer's version?


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