[MPlayer-users] improvement suggestions for mplayer bash script

Dave Parker cedardocster at gmail.com
Tue May 26 03:57:43 EEST 2020

Hi, I've been working on a bash GUI for mplayer for the past few months (as
a hobby - I'm not a computer professional) and reached a point where its
pretty functional. It still has some glitches but so far, so good. The
first real reference to mplayer starts at line 746.

The main purpose was to have a way to edit and sync playlist info between
my PCs and android phone (via syncthing), and to update album art as you go
and otherwise stay out of the way.

The primary requirements are mplayer, yad (yet another dialog), wmctrl,
xdotool, and imagemagick. Also ffmpeg if you want to be able to boost file
volume levels (that feature needs tweaking).  Your Music file structure has
to be /somePath/Artists/Albums/Songs

I figured that this would be the place to post as maybe people here might
have suggestions for improving it as I just barely understand how to
control mplayer from the command line.

Anyway, I did a demovideo here:
http://cedar-chiropractic.com/YadPlayerDemo.mkv and if you want to try it
out the files are here: http://www.cedar-chiropractic.com/YadPlayer.zip

I'd suggest testing it on a copy path of your files rather than your real
files just to be safe.

So, I'm looking for any improvement suggestions, and also if there are any
similar projects you know of I could steal ideas from :)

Thanks, - Dave

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