[MPlayer-users] No vf_ commands for -slave?

Kevan Hashemi hashemi at opensourceinstruments.com
Mon Jun 8 01:10:36 EEST 2020

Dear Dave,

I have no solution for, but I will offer my solidarity.

> Is there any way of using things like -vf expand and -vf scale via a
> fifo?

I asked as similar question a while ago, and found no solution. The best I have been able to to is start the mplayer in slave mode with the scaling I want, "-zoom -xy 2" for double size, for example. When I want to change the scaling, I interrupt the playback, close the slave, open a new slave, and start up again. It's not ideal.

Meanwhile, the user can re-scale the image by dragging on the corner of the mplayer window. In principle, therefore, we should be able to send a slave console command into mplayer to change the size. But those commands don't appear to exist.

Best, Kevan

Kevan Hashemi, President
Open Source Instruments Inc.

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