[MPlayer-users] Slave Mode: Get Window Geometry

Kevan Hashemi hashemi at opensourceinstruments.com
Mon Nov 18 05:45:11 EET 2019


I'm starting MPlayer with the following command:

mplayer -geometry 10%:10% -slave -idle -quiet -fixed-vo

The window opens in the 10%:10% location. I play video segments like this:

loadfile segment1.mp4

While the video is playing, the user can move the window and change its size. When the first segment ends, the window stays open, thanks to the "-fixed-vo" option. So I can the next video segment.

loadfile segment2.mp4

When it starts to play the next segment, the window moves to the top-left corner again, and presents a full-size display of the new video, rather than keeping the dimensions set by the user. This may be a consequence of "-fixed-vo", but I don't use "-fixed-vo", how can I stop MPlayer from quitting when it has finished playing a segment?

Given that it is possible to specify the initial position of the window on the screen, is it also possible for MPlayer to report to me it's current position on the screen?

Given that it is possible to specify the initial dimensions of the window, is it also possible for MPlayer to report the current dimensions of the window?

If the answer to these two questions is Yes, then I can query MPlayer, close the Mplayer window, and open another one in the same place with the same geometry for the next file, and the user will be able to keep her window arrangement as she move to the next segment.

Thank you in advance for your help, Kevan
Kevan Hashemi, President
Open Source Instruments Inc.

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