[MPlayer-users] Re: [twitch] ads reset mplayer to initial configuration

Mike Spencer mspencer at tallships.ca
Thu Mar 28 06:56:21 EET 2019

Replying to Sylvain's aside, not the Subject:,

sylvain.bertrand at gmail.com wrote:

> That said: is there any mplayer devs left to look for the bugs?

I certainly hope so.  I think mplayer is a splendid program
representing a huge amount of hard-core hacking far beyond my humble
amateur efforts.

Mplayer does occasionally fail me. Rarely, it won't play a DVD, stalls
part way through, messes up the subtitles or plays a video's segments
(?) in the wrong order.  Vlc usually (but not always) gets it right.
(DVD technology must be a horrible can of worms.)  But mplayer is
always the first choice.

So many thanks to the devs/maintainers,

Michael Spencer                  Nova Scotia, Canada       .~. 
mspencer at tallships.ca                                     /( )\
http://home.tallships.ca/mspencer/                        ^^-^^

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