[MPlayer-users] Strangeness with audio balance

David Woodfall dave at dawoodfall.net
Mon May 14 01:51:06 EEST 2018


I was trying to get balance to work with -slave and a fifo today, but
was finding that even though it appeared to be set (looking at
get_property) it wasn't doing what I normally expect a balance
control to do.

After that I tried playing some files normally, without a fifo, and
found the same problem (using '(' and ')').

When adjusting the balance all the way down, which ought to mean that
sound only comes out of my left speaker, it cut out /some/ sounds (eg
an electric guitar), but the remaining audio was still in stereo.

I found this happens using both alsa and jack outputs. The files I
tried were 2 channel mp3s - proper stereo, not joint stereo.

Any ideas why this is?

MPlayer SVN-r38101-5.5.0

Thanks for any ideas.


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