[MPlayer-users] Dump raw compressed video -dumpvideo

Bill Crockett wsc4 at optusnet.com.au
Mon Mar 12 09:28:03 EET 2018

mplayer -dumpvideo some_video.mpg

Dump raw compressed video stream to stream.dump

To see these raw videos, I would use something like this:

mplayer -demuxer rawvideo -rawvideo fps=23.976:w=1280:h=720 stream.dump

mplayer -demuxer rawvideo -rawvideo fps=23.976:w=1280:h=720:format=i420:size=1382400 stream.dump

This seems to work with mpeg videos and 1 or 2 other formats, but is not working with an mp4 video with the x264 codec.  The video has nothing but static and will only play for about 4 seconds.  Then this:

Frame too small! (84152<1382400) Wrong format?  

What format and frame size is correct please?

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