[MPlayer-users] combining a still with an audio file

stan gyvoy at q.com
Wed Jul 25 17:33:01 EEST 2018

On Tue, 24 Jul 2018 18:46:11 -0700
"arthurpeabody" <arthurpeabody at rickstewart.com> wrote:

> 	I have an audio file I want to publish on YouTube.  YouTube
> requires a video file.  I want to combine a still with the audio file
> to make a video file.  How do I do that?  (Linux)

mplayer won't do that, it's a player of content, not a creator of
content. I haven't done it in ffmpeg, but a quick look at the man page
suggests you should be able to do it using filters. There might be a
way to use mencoder to do it, as well.

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