[MPlayer-users] DLNA support?

John Long codeblue at inbox.lv
Tue Jan 30 07:41:41 EET 2018


I have been using mplayer command line for a long time. I like it
because of the huge amount of codecs it supports. I don't have anything
 it can't play as far as I know. Thank you to all the devs.

I have a few questions but I'll try to ask them one at a time. The
first one is how do I use mplayer with a DLNA server. I am ok if I need
a wrapper or some piece of middleware but I would like to get this
working somehow.

My setup is a router device running minidlna and I have a Linux box and
 a music player with DLNA client support on the LAN. I can access the
media content on my music player and via vlc, but I remain clueless how
to do it from mplayer. mplayer is running on a Fedora Linux box. 

Is there a recommended way to do this? I would prefer not to use a GUI
as I believe I have to do to access the DLNA content via vlc.



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