[MPlayer-users] using the -geometry switch

arthurpeabody arthurpeabody at rickstewart.com
Mon Aug 20 15:52:53 EEST 2018

Quoth Miriam English: 'you still didn't tell us what command you're typing in.'
I thought I did.  This mailing list is about the program mplayer, so you know that the command began with mplayer; this thread is about the -geometry switch, so you know the first argument is -geometry; I reported the parameters I supplied to -geometry in my message

I restarted X without a window manager, just an xterm, and the -geometry switch worked properly, so it is my WM, which is more important than not having to move mplayer's display around.

It's not an mplayer problem.  If anyone has any tips about how to configure the WM I'd appreciate them though.  I only use it to allow multiple windows; I start every app from the command line.  It's FVWM95.

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