[MPlayer-users] Using the -geometry switch

arthurpeabody arthurpeabody at rickstewart.com
Sun Aug 19 17:52:37 EEST 2018

 Silvio wrote: 'For me it works fine with this command: mplayer -geometry -0+0 file`
No : ?

Alexander Strasser wrote: 'What command lines did you try exactly?'

I've tried 100%:100% 0%:100% 100%:0% 100:0 0:100 1000:0 0:1000 - they made no difference

Alexander Strasser wrote: ' Maybe your window manager overrides the window position? You could try killing the wm and then try to start MPlayer with -geometry like you tried before. '
That's drastic.

Alexander Strasser wrote: 'correct DISPLAY environment variable'
Hmmm... It's :7.0 now - what should it be?

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