[MPlayer-users] MPlayer - Streaming HTTPS

Andre Karner info at andre-k.at
Thu Jul 27 14:49:20 EEST 2017

I am trying to stream mp3 using mplayer. Doing this on different systems (Windows & Raspberry PI) I encountered some problems.

Windows (10): MPlayer starting stream and gives some audio back, BUT: it starts on a randomly position, and gives following error message back: Cannot seek backward in linear streams! Either, it plays only a part of a whole mp3.

Raspberry PI (Raspbian): Installed MPlayer with mpg123 codec - Trying to start stream via URL https://example.com/api/music/stream/123 (same as windows) - following error message appears:

Playing https://example.org/api/music/stream/98. No stream found to handle url https://example.org/api/music/stream/98

Any suggestions?

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