[MPlayer-users] Re: Linux clock loses time when DVD is playing

Mike Spencer mspencer at tallships.ca
Wed Jul 6 07:48:42 CEST 2016

"Scott W. Larson" <scowl at wballphotos.com> wrote:

> On 07/05/2016 10:58 AM, Mike Spencer wrote:
>> Is there a known bug, misconfiguration problem or hardware conflict
>> that causes the Linux system clock to lose time while MPlayer is
>> playing a DVD?
> It's known that if you use a lot of CPU, the Linux kernel will lose
> clock interrupts.

Didn't know that.  Unclear if that's the problem here. See next post.
(reply to Nicolas George)

> The best (maybe the only) solution is to have the ntp clock daemon
> keep the system's clock correct.

Awkward for me.  Dial-up access in rural Nova Scotia. I could go
on-line and start ntpd with -g after watching a movie but that's not a
whole lot better than just resetting the clock with date -s when it's
several minutes behind.

- Mike

Michael Spencer                                 
mspencer at tallships.ca

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