[MPlayer-users] how do you specify the path in mplayer's "mf:" parameter

David Hepburn dhepburn2 at hotmail.com
Sun Jul 3 23:56:05 CEST 2016

Apologies for posting this twice (in June), but I'm not sure how these posts 
work and whether they are carried over to the new month.

I'm trying to use mplayer to player a single JPG image for 10 secs. Problem 
I'm finding is I don't know how to specify the path where the JPG is. It 
would appear to me that the JPG must be in the "current" folder for it to 

Line Command to play test.jpg for 10secs, where "C:\folder1" was made the 
current folder prior to this execution:-
"C:\folder1\mplayer.exe" "mf://test.jpg" -mf fps=1 -loop 425

In my example above, both mplayer.exe & test.jpg reside in "C:\folder1" 
however I want to put the JPG in the subfolder, "C:\folder1\folder2", 
without having to make it the "current" folder in Windows.

Is there any way to specify a windows path so the media path doesn't have to 
be the current directory?
I tried adding in a Windows path like this 
"mf://C:\folder1\folder2\test.jpg" but it was ignored and didn't play 

Windows 10
I7 processor 

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