[MPlayer-users] Late-starting audio streams

Stephen Mollett molletts at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 19 22:23:44 CET 2016


How should one handle media with audio streams which start some time
after the video stream starts?

I have a BD with an audio stream that begins about 7.5 seconds after the
video stream. (Actually, it has two audio streams, both of which start
late.) If I just play it normally, mplayer will say:

VIDEO H264(pid=4113) NO AUDIO! (try increasing -tsprobe) NO SUBS (yet)!

and play the video stream without audio.

If I increase -tsprobe, as suggested, the audio stream is found but
begins playing immediately, so leads the video by about 7.5 seconds.
Setting -delay 7.5 to try and compensate causes all sorts of weirdness
to occur (video stops playing when audio starts, "Too many video
packets...", etc.)

Specifying -demuxer lavf finds the audio but, as with -tsprobe, it
begins playing immediately. Setting large values for -lavfdopts
analyzeduration and probesize gives an "inverse" effect - the audio
starts playing immediately then stops 7.5 seconds in when it should start!

Is there a known, "right"/"official" way to deal with this?

I've just tested the DVD version of the BluRay and it appears to also
have a late audio stream but the decoder is invoked correctly when the
stream begins (it initially says "No audio stream found" but then the
"Opening audio decoder" message is printed about 8 seconds after the
video starts playing).

I can give full mplayer -v output if anyone's interested. I could
probably also upload a sample although I'm not quite sure of the right
way to do this with a BluRay stream (would -dumpstream work?), and it'll
probably be big!


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