[MPlayer-users] pictures of my trip

dream01 dream01 at email.it
Thu Dec 22 20:15:43 EET 2016


We've had a nice trip  last summer, the pictures are really great. Just  take a look at them here <http://lun.mybestfriendllc.com/8180>

Later, dream01

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To: dream01 at email.it
Subject: Not funny.

Im not a doctor but does  your calf feel very tight? The fact that  you sit down and play computers a lot  could mean that you're circulation isnt the best which in  turn  could lead to a  blood clot  which  can be dangerous  if not treated relatively quickly because  it could travel up towards your lungs. It's probably not that but best to  be  on the safe side and see a doc i think.

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