[MPlayer-users] IR receiver for mplayer users

Tarmo irvoodoo at irvoodoo.com
Thu Jan 15 19:25:00 CET 2015


A few years ago I set out to tackle the problem many multimedia system 
builders face - how to remote control it? Existing solutions weren't 
gonna do - they were either too complicated for the average user or 
required drivers or special software, hardly a perfect solution when 
running Linux media systems with many distros and hardware platforms to 
choose from.

After a lot of hard work, I'm ready to present - IRvoodoo. IRvoodoo is a 
small  IR receiver, which connects to the USB port of a media system. 
The way it works is simple - it emulates a USB keyboard, mouse or media 
keys, meaning IRvoodoo can remote control any system that supports USB 
keyboard or mouse!

Using a software called VoodooTool , you choose the input (single key 
press, key combination, media keys, mouse movement etc.) and a button on 
ANY remote control to which the input corresponds. All configuration is 
stored on the onboard chip and IRvoodoo doesn't require any kind of 
drivers or software during working, just plug and play!

In addition, IRvoodoo can blast IR signals with an IR blaster cable, 
meaning it is possible to control external set-top boxes (STB) from the 
computer (mythtv, vdr), or home theater with the same remote, for example.

I believe it's important to be able to have a look at the source code of 
a program, should one feel the need, so VoodooTool is completely 
open-source! We don't restrict our users - you are free to make 
modifications to the software.

Our website: www.irvoodoo.com
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