[MPlayer-users] Searching for New AAC Links for BBC Radio Services

Martin G. McCormick martin at server1.shellworld.net
Sat Feb 7 14:47:04 CET 2015

	Does anybody know where the relatively new url's are for
the AAC streams for BBC radio services such as Radio 1, Radio 2,

	For those who have not discovered this yet, the BBC is
discontinuing use of Windows Media streams in favor of AAC MP3
and other advanced audio coding formats.

	I found a blog by a gentleman from the BBC who explained
why the switch-off is being done and it makes perfect sense to me
so I am not complaining, but so far, nothing like a nice up-to-date
list such as 


for Radio 4. This url actually works but it has been on since
2011 and the link list I found that included that had several
now dead links.

	Mplayer, by the way, plays this stream flawlessly. The
dead links do connect to servers but return 404 so the stream
was probably there once and is somewhere else now.

	I have looked at the BBC web site several times and keep
getting stuck in the iPlayer jungle so if you know of a link on
that site that takes you to the url's, that's good enough for

	Thanks to anybody for any constructive suggestions,
current sites or the like.

Martin McCormick WB5AGZ
Stillwater, OK 

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