[MPlayer-users] Issues with -vc ff*vdpau and -vc ff*vdpauold

Ilja Sekler ilja_sekler_ at gmx.de
Fri Oct 31 23:07:19 CET 2014


there were some VDPAU related changes in FFmpeg last month, since then I
get the warning from


every time I play a video in MPlayer using -vc ff*vdpau. This might be a
purely cosmetical issue, but who knows...

Worse things happen with ffodivxvdpau as some of my DX50 encoded files
aren't playable when using this decoder anymore. The video window is
black and "Unexpected decoder output format Planar YV12" is printed for
each frame. "hedgehog_in_the_fog.avi" (the first 5 MiB of the video) and
"hedgehog_in_the_fog.txt" are uploaded to incoming, the related
gzip-compressed shortened verbose console output is attached.



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