[MPlayer-users] Suggest: Bookmark @time while viewing (and/or on close)

rlaggren rlaggren at mail.com
Sun May 4 21:16:06 CEST 2014

Hoping this is an acceptable place to post a suggestion.

The immediate interest would be to enable resuming viewing at a later date
at the spot left off. Buttons to "close/exit w/resume" and (on open/startup)
"resume" would be nice. 

Multiple general purpose bookmarks would allow easy access to material for
later reference. Even approximate (timewise) marks w/in, say, +- 5 seconds
would be a great help.

It appears the infrastructure may already exist with the EDL file(s). The
"resume" function can (it appears) presently be faked (with EDL enabled)
using the "." key at startup and at the point to be marked. But gui
buttons/keys allowing easy resetting or clearing and relatively automatic
operation at close and startup of viewing would be a great feature. Also,
the gui could include a bookmark list w/text labels to enhance the use of
multiple general purpose bookmarks.

Further suggestion #1: Allow bookmarks to identify EITHER points or spans in
the media file. Use lables to identify each point or span defined in the EDL
file to enable easier understanding later.

Further suggestion #2: Enable playback (in addition to skip and muting) of
"quoted" spans (IOW, jump to point bookmarked/defined in the EDL file and,
if it's a span, begin playback and then stop at the end of the span).
Provide a gui drop down list of bookmarks (points or spans defined in the
EDL file) with a Click-to-GoTo function. Provide always visible display text
showing label of current span playing (if any) and button functions a)
replay current quoted span (default to StopPlayback at end of current span);
b) jump to and play next quoted span; c) jump to beginning of previous
quoted span and play that span; d) continue playing file normally
from/or-on-reaching end of current quoted span.



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