[MPlayer-users] Silence on seeking with alsa

Alexander Roalter alex at roalter.it
Mon Jan 20 01:14:23 CET 2014

Since I didn't get great response on my older inquiry, I'll split this 
up and ask one thing that is bothering me more than the issue with 

I have my computer connected via SP/DIF to an AV receiver.

With -ao alsa:device=hw=1.1 I can send the audio (also in passthrough 
mode) with afm=hwac3, and it is working ok, but the receiver needs 
roughly half to a second to play audio.

This not only happens when playback begins, but on every seek, and when 
playing back with dvdnav://, on every chapter break (which is very 

VLC doesn't have this behavior (equally connected via alsa and with 
SP/DIF output).

If I quit a video by pressing 'q' or 'Enter', I sometimes even get the 
receiver to detect PCM for a short time (with leads to a loud click or 
hiss on the speakers).

So I have two things to ask:
- how to configure (or what to change on) my system to get the silence 
on seeking (or channel switching, if I press '#') out of the way? It 
seems that mplayer at this very moment doesn't deliver valid AC3 packets 
to the receiver)

- if the silence on seek is not easy to fix, what about the reset of the 
streams on each chapter break with dvdnav://? This already happened when 
I had it connected through analog speakers where the computer did all 
the decoding, but it wasn't so noticeable since there was no silence on 
seeking/resetting the audio stream (only on very few occasion I could 
get a click or hiss noise here and there).


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