[MPlayer-users] -noconsolecontrols ignored in slave mode

luc.linux at mailoo.org luc.linux at mailoo.org
Wed Dec 31 00:16:07 CET 2014

Hello everyone,
I noticed a strange behaviour when using -slave while piping a file to
mplayer : `cat file.ogg | mplayer -slave -input file=file.fifo -` would
result in a lot of error, more precisely :
 `command buffer of file descriptor 0 is full: dropping content`
The error is quite explicit : the slave mode is trying to read from
stdin. To prevent this, I tried adding the -noconsolecontrols option,
but nothing changed.

I had a quick look at the source, and I thing I have spotted the
problem: when initialising input in mplayer.c, there is a test :
else if(!coconsolecontrols)
So it appears that the noconsolecontrols option is disregarded when
mplayer is run in slave mode.

Here is joined a quick patch, which I couldn't try (I don't have enough
time to compile mplayer right now).

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