[MPlayer-users] avx2 not detected by configure script

Craig sucopsucoh at yahoo.co.uk
Sat Dec 27 19:55:34 CET 2014


Compiling the latest mplayer I noticed this message...

Checking for kernel support of avx2 ... failed

My processor supports avx2 so I looked at the configure script. The problem seems to be with the line...

extcheck $_avx2     "avx2"     "vextracti128 $0, %%ymm0, %%xmm0"

$0 is replaced with the script name, resulting in a test program with the line...

__asm__ volatile ("vextracti128 ./configure, %%ymm0, %%xmm0":::"memory"); return 0;

Escaping $0 solves the problem.

extcheck $_avx2     "avx2"     "vextracti128 \$0, %%ymm0, %%xmm0"

I Googled this but found no relevant results. Just wondered if this is a known problem?



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