[MPlayer-users] copy DVD, then compression, produces "jumpy " and pixelated avi?

Yang teddyyyy123 at gmail.com
Sat Dec 27 09:59:52 CET 2014

I copied down my DVD by -ovc copy , so that I have an exact high-quality
copy of the original file.

then I produce a version of the file that's smaller, and faster for
playback and simpler devices (as as TV stick), by using -ovc lavc  etc.

but the second batch of output produces very low quality, the images are
highly pixelated, and the big pixels seem to jump quickly; the actual file
size being generated is much much smaller than the original DVD file. but I
did manage to get the bit rate up by using mencoder options, to about 2000k
bits/sec. but even at this high bitrate, the same problem still occurs.

the same set of params , when operating on DVD directly, did produce good

that is wrong? I was thinking maybe on the second copy, libdvdcss is not
automatically invoked so the result is garbled ? I checked libdvdread/css
is installed correctly


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