[MPlayer-users] SSL Support (HTTPS) in mplayer

wm4 nfxjfg at googlemail.com
Wed Dec 17 06:19:25 CET 2014

On Tue, 16 Dec 2014 13:14:49 -0800
paipai von <paipaiv at inbox.com> wrote:

> Hi --
> I just spent way too long trying to get
> mpv to do what mplayer can do easily.
> That is, to install and run properly.

We've told you from the very start that mpv doesn't care about running
on a Linux installation from 6 years ago. We don't consider such old
software worth supporting, especially because all the software can be
upgraded for free, and because there are no potential users. If mplayer
does that; that's fine, but we prefer looking forwards, not backwards.
We have some reasonable backwards compatibility, but 6 years is
bordering on ancient.

The main reason mpv failed to compile is that simply nobody tried yet
on such an old system, and mpv was trying to use features only present
in some newer releases of certain libraries (such as ALSA or Jack and
even FFmpeg). You attempted to update or disable some of these, which
you didn't get to work because you did it wrong, and then kept blaming
us and mpv.

The really funny thing is that you never told us why you insist running
such an old system. Maybe trolling? I wonder if we get a user who wants
to run mpv on DOS or OS/2 next...

> I wanted to install mpv because mplayer
> doesn't support SSL. Or at least, not
> that I'm aware of. But mpv doesn't run
> at all, so I suppose mplayer wins...
> Question: is there a way to enable SSL
> (HTTPS) streaming in mplayer? If so, how?
> And if not, is there some way to make SSL
> work, even though it's not "official" yet?
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