[MPlayer-users] recent builds have demux_open problem which disappears when built with --enable-debug

Andy Furniss adf.lists at gmail.com
Mon Aug 11 01:08:31 CEST 2014

Arthur Marsh wrote:
> I've only noticed this problem in the last 24 hours, building with
> either gcc-4.9 or gcc-4.8 from Debian unstable.
> When I try rebuilding with --enable-debug passed to configure, the
> resulting binaries don't have the problem, hence the running the mplayer
> binary built without --enable-debug under gdb:

I am also seeing this with gcc 4.8.3, I didn't try debug but did try to 
bisect ffmpeg.

Here's the end of the bisect -

# good: [80c1cb522c9779c3e799fbe2fc5e19a53bfd079f] avcodec/version: 
leave old audio API

# skip: [a57ece0cb48ba131a2d6ba9d4525d9195238f18c] Merge commit 

# bad: [65cb02e87a8f188657843e3e7d91ef19ac8f1629] avcodec/version: delay 

# skip: [1985c2e75c607ac51bfd8dc87d2957a5edf2b6f8] Bump major versions 
of all libraries.

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