[MPlayer-users] Generate image file output with mencoder

James Board jpboard2 at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 6 20:06:16 CEST 2013

>>Thanks, but what does the last part '-o ffmpeg://dummy://OUT%d.png' do?
>>Does it somehow call ffmpeg to generate the file?
>It is a way to tell ffmpeg what pattern it should use to name the files without MPlayer itself creating a file named >like that. You could just use -o img%d.png but then you will get a nonsense empty file in addition to the actual >output.

So is it piping the files to ffmpeg?  Anyway, I tried the command
exactly as you suggested and it failed.  Unfortunately, I don't have
the error message handy, but I think it couldn't find ffmpeg.  I know
that doesn't help you much, I'll post the error message later.
I tried -o img%d.png and it complained something like: error creating output
file for each image.
However, this might all me moot.  I saw in an earlier post that you suggested
I update first and I haven't.  My mencoder is at least a year old.  So, I'm assuming
my problems are because of an older version of mencoder.

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