[MPlayer-users] regularly recurring audio glitch in flv H264/AAC

Daniel quite at hack.org
Tue Mar 26 14:37:49 CET 2013

I have a video (downloaded from a broadcasting network; they all exibit
the same problem) which gives me an audio glitch/interruption every 6
seconds. It's an flv container with H.264 & AAC. I have, to no avail,
tried the different decoders for the audio; ffmpeg and faad.

If I run mplayer with -novideo, mplayer actually exits upon the first
encounter of the problematic data (which I guess is the case). In the
case of VLC, it stops playing any sound at all at this point. mplayer2
and Totem can play the whole video without any audio interruption.

I guess there could be some problem with junk or header frames in
between downloaded chunks of video, which confuses mplayer.

This is mplayer 35920 on Arch Linux.

How can I investigate this further?

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