[MPlayer-users] key binding corruption

Robert Henney robh at rut.org
Sat Mar 23 06:30:29 CET 2013

sometime between r35924 and current, a change appears to have been
introduced which is causing mplayer's default key bindings to become
corrupted.  for whatever reason, it doesn't happen on every video file 
but appears to happen consistently when a file is found that causes 
mplayer to corrupt its key bindings is re-run.

the key binding that I notice getting clobbered is Backspace (normally
bound to Reset playback speed), and the console output when the key
is pressed becomes:

No bind found for key '0x8     '.

although it may be hard to reproduce depending on several factors, I've
put up a short video clip that does trigger the corruption in a build
using today's svn:


If pressing Backspace while the video is playing does not result in
a "Speed: x  1.00" message but rather the "No bind found for key"
to the console, then you've reproduced the same issue as I'm seeing

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