[MPlayer-users] how to extract tx3g subtitle from .mp4 file

luis jure ljc at internet.com.uy
Mon Mar 18 17:13:06 CET 2013

el 2013-03-18 a las 14:56 Krzysztof Duchnowski escribió:

> What format you need?

it worked already as per carl's suggestion:

ffmpeg -i input.mp4 out.ass

ass output is easy to convert to other text formats.

> - raw tx3g: MP4Box movie_file.mp4 -raw 3
> ("3" is subtitle stream number - to see which stream it is you can use
> "MP4Box movie_file.mp4 -info")

i had tried already MP4Box, but i get an error with this file in

[iso file] Incomplete box ..9.
Truncated file - missing 798450793 bytes

thanks for the suggestions.


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