[MPlayer-users] latm re-initing sound doesn't downmix when channel conf changes

Carl Eugen Hoyos cehoyos at ag.or.at
Thu Mar 7 13:04:42 CET 2013

Andy Furniss <andyqos <at> ukfsn.org> writes:

> Is it possible to re initialise sound "as if new" when 
> for example a latm aac stream switches from 2 to 6ch?
> This is quite common on UK DVB-T2 HD channels and it 
> seems depending on setup someone listening in stereo 
> will either just get L+R

Isn't this expected behaviour or do I misunderstand?
Ie: If you cut the stereo part away from your sample 
and play the remaining 5.1 file with "mplayer file", 
does the output sound different from playing your 
original sample (including the channel number change) 
after the switch to 5.1 ?

Carl Eugen

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